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Quarterhorse, the Air Force’s Next Hypersonic Aircraft, Has Taken an Epic Leap

The future SR-71 Blackbird successor is on a quest to break the airspeed record.

10 cars that robbed others of their glory

The real pioneers in the car world are often airbrushed out of history and replaced by successful imitators

The biggest automotive myths – and why they’re wrong

A close look at some of the most mistaken beliefs in the world of cars

Why Did NASCAR Shorten the Daytona 500 to 450 Miles?

Richard Petty won the 1974 Daytona 500, which NASCAR elected to shorten by 50 miles. The post Why Did NASCAR Shorten the Daytona 500 to 450 Miles? appeared first on Sportscasting | Pure Sports.

From key fobs to engines: the six parts of a car collecting data about you

It's not just the model of car that says a lot about you these days.

Good Gun, Thin Armor: The Ukrainian Army Is Getting Leopard 1 Tanks

Germany has pledged to Ukraine 88 Leopard 1A5 tanks. The 88 ex-German Leopard 1s, combined with another 20 tanks of the same model that Denmark plans to donate, could equip an entire Ukrainian tank brigade.

The coolest cars of the 1970s

Back in the 1970s, the auto industry was under siege. However, even oil crises and financial meltdowns couldn’t hold back some fantastic cars.

Why First NASCAR All-Star Race in 1985 May Have Been the Most Controversial

A lot of finger-pointing after Darrell Waltrip's 1985 win with a suspect Junior Johnson motor.

Video shows horrific moment California doctor struck by car before he was stabbed to death by maniac driver

Horrifying surveillance footage captured the moment a California doctor on a bike was struck by a car at a busy Dana Point intersection– just moments before the driver allegedly exited his vehicle and stabbed the victim to death. Ring camera footage from a nearby home shows Dr. Michael John Mammone, 58, flying over the hood of a white Lexus on Pacific Coast Highway around 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Officials previously confirmed the suspect,...

Atlantic City: Then and Now, How the Iconic City Has Transformed Over the Decades

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

In deep-red corner of Arizona, threat of losing water starts to outweigh fear of regulation

Driving along county roads that are little more than dirt paths, Tim Walsh remarked that the expansive valley below the Long Mountain range used to be no more than tumbleweeds and scraggly cactuses.

Racing World Reacts To Red Bull's New Car For 2023 Formula 1 Season

In just one year on the Formula One circuit, the Red Bull Racing RB18 racecar delivered one of the best seasons by any car in its history. But today it's being retired and the RB19 will take its place. On Friday, Red Bull unveiled its new RB19 racecar. The new car, designed to meet new Formula One ...

The rise & fall of American Motors Corporation

How one of the biggest corporate mergers in American history derailed

Strolling wild elephant greets drivers as it towers over passing cars in Thailand

A strolling wild elephant towered over passing cars on a forest road in Thailand.Footage shows the gigantic creature named Plai Boon Chuay walking next to vehicles caught in a traffic jam in Phetchaburi province on December 5.When Plai Boon Chuay emerged from the woods, the motorists were asked to stop to avoid scaring the animal and were stuck on the route.However, driver Jaroen Lokruam said the elephant was gentle and the park rangers immediately responded.Jaroen said: ‘The elephant was not aggressive. It even appeared to greet us while it was walking alongside us.'Thailand has an estimated 2,000 Asian elephants living in the wild where they wander freely among protected forests. Male Asian elephants, unlike African elephants, roam alone once they are over 10 years old while females remain with the herd.There is sometimes conflict when they come into contact with humans on roads and in villages so wildlife rangers are tasked with monitoring their movements.

Ranked: America’s most beautiful cars

Time to countdown the finest cars to ever come out of the US

Chilly Willy 2023: Takeaways from Night 1 at Tucson Speedway

The first night of on-track action for the 2023 Chilly Willy at Tucson Speedway has come to close. Three divisions took center stage on Friday evening. Two 50-lap Super Late Model features headlined the night’s festivities alongside the Legends, Legends / Pro & Masters and Pro Stock races. RELATED: Watch the 2023 Chilly Willy live on […]

Dwayne Johnson shares photo of mother’s damaged car after serious accident

The Black Adam star posted a photo of his mum's destroyed red Cadillac on Instagram a day after the frightening accident. The photo shows that the front passenger side of the SUV was severely damaged. "Angels of mercy watched over my mom as she was in a car crash late last night," Dwayne captioned the photo. He added: Dwayne, 50, then thanked the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments who helped him and his mother through the ordeal. He wrote:...

The Definitive Ranking Of The Best Girl Scout Cookies

We have some....thoughts about the new Raspberry Rally.

43 of the best-ever barn-finds

Red and Rover by Brian Basset

Red and Rover by Brian Basset

Verstappen explains "absurd" F1 sim in private jet story

Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen has laughed off Helmut Marko's suggestions that he is installing a racing simulator on his private jet, saying it was a misunderstanding.

C8 Corvette Hits Two Police Cars In Michigan

It’s like bowling for cops or something…

Ford: F1 return wasn’t possible without changes to engine rules

Ford would not have returned to Formula 1 without the major changes to the engine regulations for 2026, according to its motorsport boss.

Moment lorry skids across highway into oncoming traffic after losing control in icy conditions

Moment semi-truck skids across highway after losing control.Source: Oklahoma Highway Patrol/WEATHER TRAKER /TMX

10 Jeeps That Will Bankrupt You Through Maintenance And Repairs

Jeeps are fun-looking SUVs and are capable of some serious off-roading while remaining a comfortable ride, but you should avoid some model years.

25 great new cars from 1973

$240K Ferrari gets stuck in elevator shaft in Palm Beach, Florida

It downshifted. An elevator malfunction at a Ferrari dealership left a $240,000 Roma model damaged and dangling this week in Palm Beach, Florida. Firefighters were called to the scene after the shaft disaster and it took them four hours to extricate the battered Italian sports car from the elevator. “A car elevator malfunction caused a car to hang in the elevator shaft,” Palm Beach County Fire and Rescue wrote of the operation on Facebook. They...

What Most People Don’t Know About Top Off-Road Racers

Did you know Zach Osborne enjoys jigsaw puzzles? Or that Tayla Jones is terrified of heights? There’s more interesting tidbits about other off-road riders here.

The greatest small cars ever made

It's often said that the best things come in small packages. Well here's the proof

The car that saved Ford Motor Company

As Ford gears up for a huge launch of its all-electric F-150 Lightning, we turn the clock back over 70 years to a car that saved the company

Russian envoy says 1,890 Russian ‘instructors’ are in CAR

The Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary outfit, has become a major player in CAR, displacing former colonial power France.

15 ’70s unicorn classics

Audi RS e-tron GT Sets Benchmark EV Lap Record at Mount Panorama

Audi Sport has claimed another lap record at Mount Panorama as the top-of-the-range Audi RS e-tron GT set a new benchmark lap record for a production electric vehicle with a time of 2:28.15 minutes. Christopher Mies was behind the wheel as the completely un-modified vehicle shocked fans in complete silence. And while his outright Bathurst […]

Ford still not satisfied with Supercars Gen3 parity

Ford continues to harbour concerns over the parity between the Mustang and Camaro Gen3 Supercars following the latest round of prototype testing.

Every General Motors V8 engine ever made

We take a look at the highs and lows of the GM V8

5 Affordable Car Brands With the Cheapest 5-Year Ownership Costs, According to CarEdge

Here are five affordable car brands with the cheapest five-year ownership costs on the market to consider for your next ride. The post 5 Affordable Car Brands With the Cheapest 5-Year Ownership Costs, According to CarEdge appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

Junkyard Gem: 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada

In this series, we look for gems of automotive history in the car graveyard, and one of the more interesting facets of that history is the frenzy with which manufacturers dove into the SUV craze during the 1990s. Once the Jeep XJ Cherokee led the way starting in 1984 and the 1991 Ford Explorer set off a mass exodus from once-beloved Detroit station...

The wild world of the twin-engined car

Why settle for one engine when you can have two? These are the heroes of twin-engine cars

Why Israel’s F-15I Fighter Jet Is Truly Special

In January, Israel’s Ministry of Defense formally requested 25 F-15EX fighters from the U.S. after years of delay. According to several defense outlets, the Israeli government sent an official Letter of Request (LOR) to the U.S., which is the initial step in the Foreign Military Sale process. As Breaking Defense points out, Israel’s ongoing political […]

Motive a mystery as US councilwoman shot in her car

The state's governor said the attack felt "specific" and did not appear politically motivated.

Ericsson tops final day of IndyCar's Thermal Club pre-season test

Marcus Ericsson set the fastest time on the final day of IndyCar's pre-season test at Thermal Club in Palm Springs, his morning time holding up against Kyle Kirkwood's afternoon best.

Jay Leno Injured In Motorcycle Crash

Comedian and motorcycle connoisseur Jay Leno was involved in a motorcycle accident on January 17, 2023, which resulted in several broken bones.

SEE IT: Dozens of elk crossing Utah highway force traffic to a halt

Traffic was resumed after the elk were seen trotting off into the mountains. The post SEE IT: Dozens of elk crossing Utah highway force traffic to a halt appeared first on Talker.

Toys From the '70s That Remind Us How Life Used to Be

Toys From the ’70s That Remind Us How Life Used to Be

Here’s What It Actually Means When Someone Flashes Their Headlights at You

You’re driving down the road at night, and someone flashes their headlights at you—maybe a quick off-and-on, or they flicker their high beams. Or, even more perplexingly, they do this in broad daylight. What does it mean? (And no, it’s not a gang initiation ritual.)

The Most Reliable Electric Cars According To Consumer Reports

Despite being in the top 10 most reliable electric cars, some of these EVs have received very poor ratings. On the flip side, some are very impressive

Corvette 'Door-Slammer' Smashes 200mph In 3.5 Seconds | RIDICULOUS RIDES

IN THE high-octane world of dragsters, one monster Corvette stands out for its ability to hit 200mph in three-and-a-half seconds. The 2014 “Screw Blown RVW” Corvette cranks out 3,800 horsepower and is owned by father and son team Mike Decker Jnr. and Mike Decker III, who race the “door-slammer” in drag races around the US. The duo, who have been racing for 15 years, own a salvage yard in Baltimore and have produced some of the meanest and fastest cars known to man – but the 2014 Corvette is the biggest and baddest creation yet. Mike Decker III told Barcroft Studios: “My car is fast, bad to the bone, and always on edge. It’s the ultimate ride because in an eighth of a mile, I’m running over 200mph. We are the ones to beat on race day.” Built in partnership with Gil Mobley Motorsports, the Corvette has broken multiple records and won multiple races since 2014. The Deckers’ incredible drag racer runs on a 526 Brad Anderson motor, sits on 315 Mickey Thompson tyres, and can finish an eighth of a mile race in three-and-a-half seconds. The two Mikes hone their skills by competing against one another in drag races, but say their rivalry is a friendly one. Decker III said: “I’ve been racing against my father for the past two-and-a-half years. It’s very competitive because we both bring out the best in each other. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who wins as long as one of us comes out on top.”

She returned her rental car, but Avis charged her an extra $4,228

After Claudia Lockwood returns her rental to Avis, the company broadsides her with a $4,228 bill for 34 more days on the

Texas officer escapes after 18-wheeler strikes vehicle on icy highway; empty cruiser hit by 2 additional semis

A Forth Worth police vehicle was hit by three semi trucks while officers were responding to an accident Thursday. The officer in the vehicle was able to get out with minor injuries.

Every new SUV coming soon

Don't buy a new SUV until you've read our ultimate guide to every model that's coming over the new few months and years